Fumari Fumari

I picked this up from hookah-shisha.com.

Cut: Red. Relatively choppy. Juicy. Refer to the photo of the pack to get a good look at the cut.

Packaging: Here

Set Up: KM Trimetal using an Alien Mini with a Kaloud Lotus using 3 Haze coals. This is a photo of my pack.

Smell: The smell just reminded me of medicine.

Taste: The taste is of a red apples skin but it is medicine like.

Smoke: Very big clouds.

Buzz: There will be a light buzz if any at all.

Longevity: You’ll probably be looking at 1 hours of great clouds and flavor.

Price: You can pick this up for $9.49 for 100g on www.hookah-shisha.com.

Overall: This flavor is flat out not for me. I didn’t really like it all that much. Some flavors have a medicine like taste and I can deal with it but not with this one. That is all I could taste throughout the entire duration of the session. It also seemed to be missing the green apple taste. Could have been a poorly made batch but I have no idea what else to say about this. However, if your taste buds do get along with medicine like flavors then I’d recommend it because the apple was quite tasty. I just couldn’t get past it.

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