Fumari Nectarine

I picked this up from hookah-shisha.com.

Cut: Brownish. Relatively choppy. Juicy. Refer to the photo of the pack to get a good look at the cut.

Packaging: Here

Set Up: KM Trimetal using an Alien Mini with a Kaloud Lotus using 3 Haze coals. This is a photo of my pack. Don’t judge me too hard on this pack. I was at a party when I did this.

Smell: It smells of peaches.

Taste: This tastes strictly of peaches. It’s not all that strong either. The flavor is thick yet maintaining the light subtle peach taste.

Smoke: Very big clouds.

Buzz: There will be little to no buzz.

Longevity: You’ll probably be looking at a full hour of great smoke and flavor.

Price: You can pick this up for $9.49 for 100g on www.hookah-shisha.com

Overall: I got this because my girlfriend wanted to try it and I am not disappointed. Pretty nice flavor. I’d recommend it to fans of straight peaches. It’s underrated in my opinion.

Thanks for reading!

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