Fumari Prickly Pear

I got this from hookah-shisha.com. Sorry I haven’t done in a review in almost 2 weeks. I’ve been quite busy.

Cut: Brown leaves. Relatively choppy. Extremely Juicy. You can refer to a picture of the pack to get a look at what the cut looks like.

Packaging: Here is the packaging it comes in.

Packing Method: I like to pack Fumari fluffy right above the rim and then pat it down.

Set Up: KM Kamanja Mini using an Tangiers Small using 3 Haze Coals in a Kaloud Lotus. Here is a photo of my pack.

Smell: Smelled like just one big jumble of sweetness. Can’t pick out what it’s in the bag.. Not too candy like. Just really sweet.

Taste: This tastes like pear on a whole other level. This isn’t a natural pear by any means. Very sweet inhale with a super sweet exhale. A pungent sweetness is left in your mouth afterwards making you want more.

Smoke: Massive clouds. Exactly what you’d expect from a modern tobacco.

Buzz: You’ll be getting no buzz from this because this shisha is washed.

Longevity: You’ll probably be looking at an hour and a half of great clouds and flavor. Anything past this and you’ll get no flavor.

Price: You can pick this up for $9.99 for 100g on www.hookah-shisha.com.

Overall: I enjoyed the flavor. Nice and sweet but not over the top like many Fumari flavors. Not too many flavors from Fumari these days that I’d get but this would be one of them. If I had to compare this to another pear flavor it would have to be Tangiers Pear. I personally would get Tangiers Pear over this but they are both quite good.

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