Alchemist Stone Mint

Helllllooooo thereeeeeee. This is going to be a review on Alchemist’s Stout Formula Stone Mint! The Stout line is supposed to provide heavier tobacco notes and a stronger buzz.
Alchemist comes in little ice cream pint like tubs which I happen to like quite a bit. Smells like a semi strong herbal type mint. It’s cut like Tangiers and is not really juicy at all but does stick to your hands akin to how Tangiers would. When I smoked this I didn’t really notice a buzz as I am very used to stronger tobaccos so I don’t feel it anymore. 🙁 I hear from my friends that it can be a somewhat intense buzz but not stronger than Tangiers Noir.
I packed the bowl very dense in my Alien mini and used 3 coconut coals. I got a relatively strong slightly sweet herbal mint with lighter tobacco notes at the end of your pull. If I had to rate the strength of the mint from one to ten (one being Al Fakher Mint and ten being Trifecta TTIX) I would give it about a 6 or so. It’s a nice earthy type mint and you get that from the tobacco notes. After about an hour the bowl was dead and I noticed the mint survives throughout the bowl and very slowly gets weaker unlike other mints like FML which happens to lose it’s punch after 20 minutes or so. If you are interested in getting this flavor it comes in 350g/$26 on

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