Fumari Apple Mint

Hey guys! I just got this flavor last month and just got around to opening it so I thought I would do a review for you guys!
Not as juicy as your run of the mill Fumari and this tobacco is also red in color. I decided to pack this shisha in my AOT bowl with 2 titanium cubes and a provost on top. SURPRISE! This is a red apple flavor. No signs of licorice whatsoever. The mint is present only to add a light coolness to the apple flavor. Not an actual mint like you’d find in flavors like Haze What A Mint where its peppermint vanilla and you can actually feel the coolness. Or the way I pack it where its deadly minty.
I found this flavor to put out very nice clouds as you can see. The flavor is a nice medium strength. Not heat sensitive whatsoever and lasts roughly an hour and a half to two hours out of the bowl I chose to use. If you find an interest in this flavor you can get it at www.hookah-shisha.com for 9 dollars flat for 100G.

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