Fumari Blackberry

Hey guys. thelonesloth here with a review on Fumari Blackberry. I have had this flavor for a while now and have been meaning to do a review on it. Also I apologize on how slow I have been with putting out reviews. I am moving to Orlando and have been busy with that. Here we go!
Fumari blackberry is a single note fruit flavor that is supposed to replicate blackberry. When you open the pouch it is quite potent and smells like Trix cereal interestingly enough. The shisha is dyed red unlike the majority of Fumari flavors. Very very wet but in this pouch I actually feel like I am getting my moneys worth of actual shisha. I applied a decent bit of heat (3 Titanium cubes) directly onto the bowl and I packed it semi dense because I wanted it to last for 2 hours or so. Expect giant clouds from Fumari as per usual.
The taste is definitely blackberry. If I didn’t know what the name of the flavor was I wouldn’t be able to pin point that it was just blackberry. I find it tasting like pie. Fumari can take the heat and I would not be worried about throwing 3 high he coals directly onto the bowl from the start. It can last anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the size of your bowl. Don’t expect it to go much longer. This flavor is.. decent. Not something I plan on getting again. If you find yourself interested in this flavor you can get it at www.hookah-shisha.com for 9.49/100G.

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