Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill

Hey guys! It is thelonesloth coming to you with another review. Today it will be on Fumari’s Mint Chocolate Chill. Also I am trying a new review format that only uses two photos. If anyone actually reads this then give me your thoughts on if it’s worth doing or not. Anyway, on to the review. Mint Chocolate Chill is exactly what the name implies. A minty, chocolatey blend. Onward march.
Fumari can take oodles of heat. While the chocolate is the star of the show the minty notes find their way onto your taste buds as well. The chocolate is quite creamy which adds a bit of complexity to the flavor. As Mike said in his review it is indeed a milk chocolate that comes to mind while you smoke this flavor. Fumari tends to die a bit earlier than some other brands I tend to use (Tangiers/AF/Haze.) Would I go out of my way to get this again? Yeah. I most probably would. MCC is something I have gotten at least half a kilo of and is a huge party favorite when it comes to my group of friends.

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