Fumari Orange Cream

I got this from hookah-shisha.com.

Cut: Medium choppy cut some smaller leaves in the bag. A ridiculous amount of juice. I’d say like 30%+ of the whole bag is juice alone.

Packaging: Here is a photo of the packaging. Am I the only one getting sick of these bags? Such a hassle.

Set Up: Regal Melech using an 80ft bowl. with a Kaloud Lotus using 3 Haze coals. No pack to see here sorry guys.

Smell: Smells like an orange creamsicle. The smell was surprisingly light. Not the usual for Fumari.

Taste: Tastes like orange cream. The cream is kind of on the heavy side. Orange tastes like these orange slice hard candies.

Smoke: It’s like I’m inhaling from a fog machine.

Buzz: There will be a light buzz if any at all.

Longevity: You’ll probably be looking an hour tops. The downside to Fumari is how fast the flavor dies out.

Price:You can get this for $9.49 on www.hookah-shisha.com.

Overall: A bit too much cream for me and not enough orange. A recommendation from me would be to steer clear from this flavor and try something like Haze Orange Swirl instead.

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