MIG Razor

The MIG Razor is a somewhat newer heat management product on the market that is CNC’d from food grade aluminum. I borrowed this from Bob (/u/gayhomophobe). The company is German hence MIG (Made in Germany). The product is a lovely looking piece of metal to say the least.
This heat management device can hold up to 6 coals stonehenged when it comes to flats and 3 if you’re using cube coals. I haven’t had to use more than 3 ever to get a good session. As you can see there are little trenches at the bottom which supply airflow so your coals don’t go black if you place them flat which happens frequently when using the Kaloud Lotus. The vents are large which allow a lot of options when it comes to opening and closing them. I will say as a disclaimer IF you close the vents completely then your coals will completely black out so you need to leave them just the slightest bit open at all times. The reason they black out is because of the lack of airflow coming from the top of the device. When using the Lotus even if you close off the vents completely there is just a sliver of the vents that still allows airflow to come in.
The Razor sports 6 vent holes on the bottom to allow better airflow to your shisha. Unlike the Lotus you will not find any “balls” on the bottom. which means you have to pack your bowl a bit higher.There is a dip on the bottom side which I can only assume allows the Razor to keep shisha from getting into the spire and sucking it down your stem. I find this to be quite nice as I like to pack a bit higher than a lot of people when packing certain brands. I have found this to be a nice addition to the device.
There is ventilation on both sides of the device. MIG really went in on the amount of airflow going in and out of the Razor. Since I didn’t really have a section to go over the handle I will do so here. The handle is detachable and fits inside of the Razor which allowed me to put it away and store it quite easily. Handle doesn’t get hot at all either.
The Razor impresses me when it comes to the looks of the device and definitely functions a tad bit better than the Kaloud Lotus but I think that is negligible. The cost of this product in USD is 56.24. If you live in the US the shipping will cost you around 40 dollars making this a very heavy investment on your wallet. If I was to buy this or the Kaloud Lotus based on my current knowledge of both products I would most likely just get the Lotus because the performance is about the same and I would be saving a bit of money from not having to pay the outrageous shipping cost to the USA. If you do have interest in buying this product you can pick it up at http://mig-shisha.de/. Until next time!

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