Alchemist Blend Stout Lemon Mint

Howdy partners! Here for you today, we have something that has been out for like a month now. Alchemist Blend’s take on Lemon Mint is an adequate amount of tart and sweet and more citrus-like than a lot of lemon mints on the market. Alchemist finally has released a pouch with 100 grams so you don’t have to go all out and get a 350 gram container when trying their product.
When I kept the shisha in this 100 gram pouch I noticed a lot of the juices leaked out so I end up pouring some over my bowl as it tends to dry out the shisha a little bit. Not a huge deal but something I think was worth mentioning. The cut is a dark leaf which you will only find in the stout line. With regards to the longevity you can expect something along the lines of an hour and a half of good cloud output and flavor.
I opted for my Alien Mini as it’s something I usually do when I only have 100 grams so I can really experiment with it a few times. The stout line doesn’t care for a dense pack but rather a semi-dense pack to the rim. It’s kind of clumped up in the back which makes for a rather easy pack. This flavor isn’t something super strong but more in the medium range of things. Mint is noticeable but also not anything too crazy. It’s not a cooling mint but rather a mint taste in addition to the lemon. I like the flavor but I believe it could possibly be a bit stronger because that is what I personally am looking for in a lemon mint flavor. I’m happy because it’s not lemon pledge like Al Fakher’s version of this flavor. If you’re interested in trying out this flavor it can be found on hookah-shisha,5starhookah, and hookahjohn.

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