Alchemist Citrus Mint

Hello fellow hookah smokers! Alchemist Citrus Mint is a lemon/tart yet sweet/mint blend. Now I don’t really care for citrus flavors but this one takes the cake for me. I smoked almost all of the 350g container in a week or so. It smells to me like a popsicle. The lemon dominates the flavor which is tart and the mint isn’t cooling per se but it is more of a mint leaf taste that is added to the flavor. It really does taste like Luigi’s Lemon Italian Ice. I find it to be quite comical because the tubs for this tobacco are essentially pint sized ice cream containers. While not an insanely powerful flavor I find the texture of the smoke to be very smooth and flavor strength to be adequate but I could ask for a bit more in terms of overall strength.
I packed this really high so that the lotus will push it down for me. Alchemist for me takes heat like a champ so I have no worries when packing like this. With a pack like this in the Bambino bowl I can expect this run for about an hour or so with good flavor and cloud output which is perfect for what I need. I’m usually smoking while playing video games (CS:GO/Sm4sh). This is priced at 27 dollars for 350g of tobacco. Wish it came in 250’s for pricing purposes but having the extra 100g is nice. This is probably the best from Alchemist that I’ve tried so far next to Peppermint Mocha. If you are going to try any Alchemist flavor then I’d recommend this one.

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