Alchemist Majestic Melon

Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing *drum rolls while kickflipping over hookah* Alchemist Majestic Melon. I received this from the company for review. Alchemist tobacco is aged in bourbon barrels so they are supposed to retain that woody flavor. All of the other samples I have had from this brand lacked that additional flavor but with this one I can actually notice it.
Unlike much earlier batches of Alchemist which were very stemmy you can barely notice them in this batch. They use a lighter brown leaf similar to what you’d find with Haze. This brand is relatively juicy but nothing over the top. (My newest batch is quite juicy.) The smell of this tobacco is a sweet melon. Not a honey dew melon but an actual melon. I packed the bowl semi dense to the rim using three cocourth coals. When it comes to Alchemist I believe it can take quite a bit of heat and in return you get ample clouds and flavor.
Majestic Melon deviates from the smell as it’s not as sweet yet you will still get a very natural melon flavor. It has a light earthy note to it which to me adds to the realness of the melon. With regards to the strength it can be a bit strong. There seems to be a bit of throat hit with this flavor at the beginning which only lasts for roughly 5-10 minutes. After that I got a very smooth session. Overall it’s a pretty good melon. Most brands don’t aim for a standard melon but rather a honey dew melon. If you want to get this flavor you can find it on for 25.99 for 350G. Hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions don’t be shy and drop them below!

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