Alchemist Orange County Cream

Hello fellow enthusiasts! Here we have Alchemist Orange County Cream with is by name supposed to be a orange cream flavor. This shisha isn’t super wet as I’ve noticed with Peppermint Mocha and it is a bit on the clumpier side when I took it out of the packaging. When I took the first whiff from the container I smelled a sweet candy like orange but the cream was really lacking.
I packed it fluffyish a tad bit above the rim and let the lotus push down the shisha. I started out with 3 titanium coals that I found lying around but since it’s a bit drier I decided to throw on a CHX flat to bump up the heat. The buzz according to my friends is there which is good for you people who enjoy having one.
Overall, I find this flavor to really lack creaminess which kind of disappoints me. If it was just a candy orange flavor then I would say this is really great. After several bowls of this flavor I can safely say that the cream is not really noticeable at all. When I mixed in some WAM it was really desirable so my recommendation would be to just add in some more cream and this flavor would be golden. This tobacco currently only comes in 350g containers which retail for 27 dollars and can be found at 5starhookah and or hookahjohn’s website. In the future I believe they will be making 100 gram containers in about a month.

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