Darkside Dark Mint

Hello everyone! My birthday was a few days ago and I decided it was time to get an actual camera instead of taking photos for reviews with my phone. That being said, this is one of my first few attempts at color correcting. I will get better as I go. Today I have Darkside Dark Mint up on the chopping block (literally). Darkside is a brand heavily smoked in both Europe and Russia.
Similar to the last flavor from Darkside I tried, the cut is akin to Starbuzz Vintage. The leaf is a larger cut with stems here and there and it’s almost grainy to the touch. This tobacco is part of the medium line which is a blend of burley and virginia tobacco leaves. The tobacco is known to be very heat resistant. A buzz can be had but it’s not a strong characteristic of the brand. The smell is a fresh/herbal mint. There are hints of menthol as well.
I prepared this tobacco with a fluffy pack that I patted down to be ever so slightly above the rim. I was welcomed by large puffy white clouds. The taste is accurate to the smell. It tastes like sweet herbal mint with a slight menthol aspect that cools the throat. The texture on the inhale is medium-bodied accompanied by a cooling that is moderate and tolerable by most people’s standards. You get a robust taste of the sweet herbal goodness on the exhale. Based on my bowls, I notice the flavor declines after around 40 minutes and it’s rather weak after an hour but it could be extended to about an hour and 30 minutes. Basically, this flavor would run its course with a single round of cubes. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary for mints, in my opinion. Overall, there are stronger mints out there but this one is a nice moderate addition to my cabinet.

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