Darkside Supernova

Hello, my name is thelonesloth and today I have a review for you on something exciting, Darkside. In America, Darkside can cost you an arm and a leg. In Europe and Russia, Darkside is one of the most popular brands available.
Honestly, the cut heavily reminds me of the Vintage line from Starbuzz. It’s a bigger cut leaf and it almost feels grainy. The brand produces multiple lines. This line, in particular is “medium”, which according to their website is a blend of burley and virginia tobacco leaves. The tobacco is rather heat resistant. Based on pictures I’ve seen people commonly smoke this solo with four coals. The buzz on this line isn’t non-existent like most blondes but I also didn’t find it as strong as a Tangiers Noir flavor, for example. I was concerned when I opened the container because it didn’t smell anything like I expected. I had previously thought it was a mint flavor that would be really cold and minty. Anyway, it smelled like honey and tobacco. I asked buddy that had already tried it before to confirm that I wasn’t crazy. I hesitantly packed the bowl and boy was I in for a surprise.
This was prepared in my alien mini flashback. Since I’m new to this brand I did a fluff pack that I pushed down lightly to make it a bit more dense. Going into this I wasn’t really sure what to expect after being surprised by the smell. After the first few puffs, I knew that the flavor I thought would be mint was actually a pure menthol flavor like nothing I’ve had before. Your throat is simply freezing and the only flavor you get in your mouth is a somewhat sweet tobacco note. Besides the flavor of the tobacco it’s basically flavorless (no added flavor). For most people this flavor isn’t really one you’d smoke by itself. I personally found it very enjoyable solo and mixed. Mixed I found the cooling to last the majority of the bowl depending on what I mixed it with but solo it lasted closer to 30-40 minutes. The bowl was still enjoyable to me due to the sweet tobacco flavor. Mixed with other flavors the menthol is much more toned down. You can use this somewhat similarly to how you’d use a mint in a mix. Except this would only add a cooling effect rather than a mint (which would add another layer of complexity). After my first time trying this very hyped up tobacco I’m happy to say I enjoyed it a lot and would say it lives up to the praise it’s been given (at least based on the few flavors I’ve tried thus far).

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