Malaki Lemon Mint

Hello everyone, thelonesloth here with a review on a newer brand called Malaki. Malaki is a brand that has been around since roughly 2017. They flaunt an artsy design which honestly I like quite a bit. They stick out among the crowd and give off a very premium vibe, at least in the packaging.
The bag looks pretty cool and it’s resealable as well. The coating that adheres the design to the bag began to peel off after a handful of times opening it. Let me talk about the actual tobacco instead of the packaging…
The tobacco is a brighter brown leaf that has a slight reddish tint. The cut is a bit inconsistent. There is a mixture of thicker chunky pieces but there are also smaller cut pieces as well. There aren’t too many stems but if you do find one they’re typically rather small. It’s sticky like Al Fakher. They claim that the nicotine content is .5% and I’d say that is about right. It’s definitely above your regular blonde leaf but not exactly in the same category as you’d find a lot of dark leaf. The smell coming from the tobacco is a tart lemon. I don’t smell much of any cooling or mint.
I often packed this tobacco sprinkled fluffy above the rim and patted it down with my hand. (A heads up, if you do find yourself trying this tobacco definitely pack it a bit more fluffy than I did here. If you don’t give it enough airflow you’re going to find that the flavor gets a bit muddied.) This bowl holds roughly 15-18g of tobacco. I used three CocoUrth flats in a lotus during this session.

What you taste in this blend is mostly of tart citrus-like lemon. There isn’t a sugary taste when it comes to this flavor. If there is any mint at all I’d say it somewhat “cools” the flavor. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it mint though. Sometimes you find a flavor that claims there is mint and at least you can tell it’s cooling the flavor. This is not really the case here. While the taste isn’t bad I am not a huge fan of citrus-like flavors as I typically find them to be “dry”. When it comes to heat I’d say it takes heat about as well as Al Fakher. You don’t want to blast it with heat. I’d say it’s around average in this category. Based on my experiences I’ve found that the flavor lasts for the majority of the session which is good but the longevity isn’t quite impressive. It’s definitely a one and done tobacco as a single round of coals brought it to its limits. After about 50 minutes I was ready to call it quits almost every time. From what I’ve gathered this tobacco isn’t particularly extraordinary but it’s also not terrible. It’s just fine. That is the biggest problem actually. Nothing about it really sticks out where I’d buy it over a brand like Al Fakher’s variation at the same price point. In short, it’s decent but is decent good enough in an age where we have so many good tobaccos readily accessible to us?

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