Shishabucks Mini Sky Bowl

Hello fellow hookah companions! Today I have a review for you on the Shishabucks Mini Sky Bowl. I’ve had this bowl since it came out and boy oh boy is it great! This is a bowl that I have in my regular rotation because I like a 1~ hour bowl that performs well. This thing is sturdy, I’ll never have to worry about it breaking. I’ve used it dozens of times in the past 2 months and the anodization is still in tip top condition.
This bowl is made out of anodized aluminum, has a silicon sleeve so you can pick up the bowl while it’s hot, and holds roughly 12 to 15g of tobacco depending on how you like to pack your bowl. My only gripe is that sometimes I end up having to grab a paper towel to pick up the bowl because it’s too hot to handle by the silicon sleeve. The sleeve does function just not at it’s best when you try and pick it up at the very end of your bowl.
Their is a lot of airflow with this bowl. I mean the spire on this bowl is massive all the way throughout. It’s probably the widest spire’d bowl I own. When paired with a Shishabucks hookah you’ll find yourself getting a wide open draw. This bowl fits on every hookah I own nice and snug.
A nice mixture of Tangiers Burley Cane Mint and Trifecta Blueberry.
This bowl is made for HMD’s so you’ll find yourself more often than not using one. All of the HMD’s I own fit this bowl very well, you should have no issue using any of the ones you own. You can still use foil if you chose to but you’ll have to pack your bowl a bit higher.
Overall, I really enjoy this bowl. It’s easy to clean. It smokes well. It holds less tobacco than most bowls and still manages to make my bowl last for roughly hour to an hour and a half. This bowl cooks the tobacco very evenly because of the aluminum and at the end of my session, everything has been used to its maximum potential. Other than the small issue I have with the sleeve I think this bowl is wonderful and I’ll definitely keep it around in my weekly if not daily rotation.

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