Tangiers Kosmik

Hello all, I am thelonesloth and today I have a review for you on Tangiers Kosmik. Kosmik is a new flavor that seemingly slipped under the radar and not many people know about its existence. I was told by a Tangiers representative that Kosmik is a replacement for their Midnight Orchard Apple flavor and that Midnight Orchard Apple was discontinued. That being said, Kosmik is a bit different, as Midnight Orchard Apple tends to be more of an in-betweener and I feel like this one takes on a different stance.
As usual, Tangiers consists of a dark leaf with a choppy cut. The leaf is somewhat juicy. The tobacco smells like what you’d expect double apple to smell like, apple and anise. It’s a bit sweeter smelling than some other Double Apple flavors. One of the things Tangiers is known for is their higher nicotine content. For newer smokers to the brand expect it to hit you pretty hard.
I prepared this in a Hookah John Alien Mini bowl, packed dense to about the rim give or take and I used a Kaloud Lotus with 3 CocoUrth flats. Tangiers loves a dense pack. I tend to smoke Tangiers in a shallow bowl because a little goes a long way. With this 10-12g pack, it can easily smoke for 1 hour~ with great flavor and cloud output. The sweetness of the apple is a bit more noticeable than Nakhla but less than Al Fakher’s. The anise (similar taste to licorice) adds a nice spicy complexity to the blend. Kosmik is quite honestly, a very solid double apple variation. I smoked the majority of the 250g in about a week. Overall, I’d recommend this flavor to you if you’re a fan of double apple flavors and perhaps want something a bit stronger.

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