Tangiers Leviathan

G’day mate. My name is thelonesloth and today I have another review. We will be taking a look at Tangiers Leviathan. What is Leviathan? It’s a Lavender Menthol flavor. This is the first flavor I’ve tried from the newest Tangiers flavor release and I gotta say that I’m impressed.
The look and feel of Tangiers hasn’t changed but if you’re not familiar it’s a black leaf tobacco. Somewhat juicy and quite fine when it comes to the cut of the leaf. I had forgotten what the flavor was supposed to be when I opened it and I was greeted by a whiff of sweet Menthol. At this point I still couldn’t tell it was lavender. This tobacco is strong when it comes to the nicotine. I was told by a reputable hookah vendor beforehand that they found the new Tangiers flavors to be quite strong in this batch and he wasn’t kidding. Now, if Tangiers is a brand you typically enjoy you should be perfectly fine.
Tangiers prefers a dense pack. I personally use shallow bowls with Tangiers because a little goes a long way. Let’s move on to what everyone cares about, the taste. As said before, this flavor is Lavender Menthol. The lavender isn’t quite as sweet as Trifecta’s variation and the tobacco note of this flavor is present but that’s not atypical of Tangiers anyway. The menthol has a good strength that I find enjoyable. Those who don’t like being menthol blasted will be pleased but on the same note those who do will enjoy it. I’ve heard people say that perhaps it has a hint of sage but I’m not familiar with what sage smells like or what it would taste like in a flavor.

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