Tangiers Midnight Orchard Apple

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been in these parts but here I am. Today I’m bringing you a review on Tangiers Midnight Orchard Apple. This is Tangiers take on Double Apple, a classic hookah flavor. Double Apple is an anise and apple flavor. Many say it reminds them of Licorice. Tangiers released this within the last year and I have to say it’s surprising to me that it took Tangiers this long to bring us a Double Apple flavor. As most know, Double Apple is something you’ll find in basically every shisha brands line up.
The tobacco cut is what you’d typically find with Tangiers, pretty finely chopped, and very dark in color. When it comes to the smell it smells lightly of anise and a sweet apple followed by a relatively strong tobacco note. This particular flavor is part of the Noir line which means it will provide a relatively strong buzz, especially towards newer smokers. Tangiers, in general, is stronger than most blonde leaf tobaccos you’d try along with a majority of other black leafs.
I packed this flavor in a Hookah John Failien bowl with 3 CocoUrth flats. I actually packed this slightly too high but this is roughly what I’d opt for when pairing with an HMD for my preference. After having this several times I can confidently say it’s a fairly solid Double Apple. If you took Al Fahker Double Apple and mixed it with Nakhla’s variation then that is what you’d get. It’s not super sweet like Al Fakher but it’s also not extremely spicy like Nakhla’s. It’s a nice in-betweener. I like it a decent amount. If you’re a fan of mixing the two then you’ll like this flavor as well.

Quick shout out to my friend John for giving me the opportunity to review this flavor. I’m very happy he did. I miss writing these.

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