Tangiers Tropical Revenge

Hello all, thelonesloth here with a review on Tangiers Tropical Revenge. Tropical Revenge was actually one of my first Tangiers flavors back in the day but I had it in burley. It’s cool to see it’s just about the same. Let’s dive straight into this seemingly simple yet complex tropical blend.
Tangiers is a black leaf tobacco. The leaf is somewhat juicy and the cut is rather fine. It’s higher in nicotine content in comparison to most brands you’ll find. The longevity with this flavor is solid. The longest I attempted with this particular flavor was 2 hours in a 15g bowl. The clouds and flavor were consistent throughout the session. Longevity is something Tangiers is really good at. By the way, if you didn’t know, Tangiers likes a dense pack.
This flavor is a blend of tropical fruits such as a sweet pineapple and a citrusy orange followed by an undertone of a tart grapefruit. The best way to describe the tropical fruit portion of the flavor is the Hi-C Fruit Punch drink I used to have as a kid. It tastes extremely close to that. The grapefruit flavor isn’t the forefront of the flavor but there is complexity added with the tartness of it. There is a tobacco note in this flavor as well but it’s not as present as it is in some Tangiers flavors. I personally am not a huge fan of grapefruit but the accuracy was there and those who do enjoy grapefruit would probably appreciate it in this flavor. As a standalone flavor this is not my favorite but as a mixer I found it phenomenal. I often mixed with Ugly Hit Me and Trifecta Twice The Ice X. There are different reasons to enjoy a flavor whether it be as a mixer or standalone but for me this flavor will often be a mixer (mostly because I want to tone down the grapefruit). I hope you enjoyed this write up. If you have any feedback feel free to drop it in the comments!

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