Trifecta Dark Blend Apple Pie

Hello everyone! thelonesloth here with another Trifecta tobacco review. This time I have Trifecta’s Apple Pie up on the chopping block. Trifecta is known for their accurate and delicious flavors. This flavor is no exception. Trifecta yet again brings something interesting to our palates.
This shisha is a dark color hence the dark leaf line. The tobacco itself is rather choppy and wet in comparison to other dark leaf tobaccos such as Tangiers or Lavoo. The smell doesn’t honestly doesn’t do this flavor justice. It smells somewhat sweet and I can pick up a spice. You don’t really get much information about how it will actually taste based off of the smell alone.
I like to pack Trifecta semi dense to the rim and I usually pair it with a HMD but I’d opt for a slightly lower pack if I decided to go the foil route. You can expect a fair amount of life even with a bowl this small. I usually get roughly an hour of great cloud output and flavor. This is about on par with any other quality brand with such a small bowl. The main aspects of this flavor are green apple and cinnamon. It seems like it’d be rather basic but the addition of the cinnamon really adds some complexity to this blend. I enjoy the spiciness from the cinnamon and the green apple adds a nice sweetness to the table. I definitely feel reminded of a nice pie. If I had to rate this on a scale I’d rate it a “I would totally eat this pie in real life/10.”

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