Trifecta BDS

Hello bruddas and sistas! This is a review on Trifecta BDS. BDS stands for Back Door Sluts if anyone was wondering. It’s a Peach/Honeydew Melon blend with just a hint of what I believe is watermelon.
I like to pack this flavor fluffy over the rim and let the ignis push down the shisha for me. If I was to use foil then I would mostly likely fluff it a bit below the rim and pair it with 3 coconut flat coals. The shisha is a nice light brown color. It’s somewhat juicy but nothing close to what you’d expect from Haze/Fumari.
The star of this flavor is most definitely the honeydew melon as it provides a nice refreshing note to this blend. The peach just sweetens it up and the watermelon is the furthest back there in terms of strength. I believe it makes the flavor pop a bit more because it just feels juicy in my mouth. When it comes to longevity you can expect your bowl to last you for roughly an hour and fifteen minutes or so. I think it could go a bit longer but I choose not to use fresh coals to extend the life of the bowl only 20 minutes.

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