Trifecta Dark Blend Peppermint Shake

Hello and happy holidays to all! My name is thelonesloth and today I’m bringing you a review on Trifecta Dark Leaf Peppermint Shake. This delictable concoction is a creamy peppermint mixture. I’ve smoked a lot of blonde leaf peppermint shake this year and the dark leaf excited me just as much as the blonde. Also, is it just me or does this flavor remind anyone of Haze What A Mint in its prime?
The tobacco is black in color and rather juicy. I’d say about as juicy as you’d find the blonde leaf Trifecta to be. The texture is somewhat rough which is a common theme among black leaf tobaccos. It takes heat well and lasts approximately as long as the blonde leaf variant (1:15~ with 3 coconut charcoal. ) I experienced little buzz but I am also rather accustomed to dark leaf tobaccos. My friends find this to be a bit stronger than your standard blonde.
The ratio of cream to mint in this blend is wonderful. It’s great for the cool winter nights or the hot summer days. I really enjoyed this flavor a lot. (I think my girlfriend is going to get me a kilo for Christmas. Fingers crossed.) At the beginning of the bowl the mint is the star of the show. The peppermint is a strong sweet peppermint. It’s rather strong on the inhale and on the exhale you get a nice bit of cream. As the bowl progresses and the mint tones down (which is still rather strong for many) the cream takes center stage. Complimented by the texture of the smoke from the dark leaf and you have yourself an oh, so phenomenal session. What Trifecta has done here and been done by many but perfected by few, which is create a mint with cream that sticks out among the rest. I’m heavily reminded of 2014-2016 when Haze What A Mint was in its prime. If you prefer a more sweet lighter smoking Peppermint Shake go with the blonde but if dark leaf is your forte I definitely recommend this. According to Trifecta this is a limited run batch. So get it while you can. I really hope this becomes a part of their standard lineup.

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