Trifecta Dark Blend Enigma

Hello fellas! Welcome to another exciting review by yours truly, thelonesloth. Let me start this off by saying thank you to /u/shishasmoker for the opportunity to try this flavor out. Let’s begin. Trifecta Enigma is part of the new black leaf line from Trifecta Tobacco.
The tobacco is a tad bit grainy and the texture feels almost like what Medwakh used to do with their tobacco. It’s a black leaf that is about on par with a Tangiers type of cut. I find in my own testings that I enjoy the bowl more will less heat. I’m currently smoking it out of my Alien Mini with 2 CocoUrth flats in the lotus and it’s smoking wonderfully. Onto the flavor! It’s a very interesting blend that I haven’t seen done ever. You’ll be getting a lot of fresh berries, citrus notes on the exhale, and basil leaf. It’s candy sweet on the inhale and on the exhale you get a citrus sort of thing going on with the basil and that really gives you an interesting complexity to the blend.
Overall, I find this to be a great mix and an interesting flavor for those who like to stray from the path of the typical mint and fruit flavors. It’s not your average black leaf where you have to be careful with your heat so it caters to those who don’t want to mess with their heat too often. I do find this flavor to stain my hookah a bit, but who cares when I have been smoking this back to back. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. You can pick this up from, I’m excited to see what else the dark leaf line has to offer.

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