Trifecta The Buzz

Today I am reviewing Trifecta’s The Buzz. This is their take on a watermelon mint flavor. I received this from them a while back in exchange for this review which I prolonged. 🙁 So here we go!
Trifecta has a darker leaf but is still a modern tobacco. Decent bit of juiciness in the bag. The packaging is similar to a Fumari pouch style. The smell reminds me some sort of drink. That might be because a lot of their flavors are made after drinks. In terms of longevity you’ll be looking at an hour or so out of an 80FT bowl with a denser pack.
I used 3 titanium coals and as most of us know those are lower heat. I feel that I could’ve put more heat and the bowl wouldn’t have suffered burning issues so that’s always a plus. Even with the low heat coals I still got more than sufficient cloud output! The taste is a refreshing watermelon and the mint (kind of reminds of Pure Fresh Mint) isn’t as prominent. The mint isn’t used for that minty taste but is used to replicate what biting into a fresh watermelon would taste like and I got just that out of it. Flavor strength is good. A 250G pouch of this is going to run you about 17 dollars and I think it’s well worth your money. As far as I know the only site to get this shisha from is Hope you enjoyed this review. If I skipped over any information you want to know about this product please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help you out!

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