Trifecta Dark Blend Ventura Peach

Hello, all! /u/thelonesloth back at it with another review. Here I have Ventura Peach from Trifecta. As most of you know Trifecta is a great brand on the current market and they’re known for doing a damn good job on almost every flavor they make. Ventura Peach is no exception to this. This flavor speaks volumes from Trifecta. It’s a very sweet and natural peach. Just like their lychee you’ll find Ventura Peach to be succulent and juicy. I believe this is spot on for a peach. In my opinion coming across a good peach is unlikely but Trifecta managed to do it.
Trifecta Dark Blend is dark in color with few stems to be found. As usual, you’ll find it be coated with a fair amount of glycerin. The nicotine content is about on par with something like Tangiers Birquq. It’s present but won’t put you on your ass. Even though this is a dark leaf I don’t really notice any tobacco notes in this flavor.
There has been talk about one of their newer batches of flavors having a harshness when it comes to smoking it. I found this to be true with this flavor but only if you pack it as you normally would for Trifecta. Luckily, packing this shisha fluffier and right below the rim will spare you from any heat issues. Trifecta already stated that their fixing this issue and it should be back to normal shortly. Even with this minor issue, I love this flavor. It’s going to become a staple in my collection when it comes to peach flavors. Trifecta has been on the up and coming for a while now and I really like the direction they’re moving in. I highly recommend giving this flavor a shot.

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