Zomo Dragon Wall

Hello everyone! My name is thelonesloth and today I have a review for you all on Zomo Dragon Wall. Dragon Wall is part of the World Line. The World line represents flavors that aim to remind you of specific locations as evidenced by the names of the flavors and the images on the packaging. Zomo is a brand that originated in Brazil and has since done well in other countries in the EU and in the United States.
The tobacco is a blonde leaf. You’ll find that it is somewhat sticky like Al Fakher but the leaf is choppier. The nicotine content is low and won’t give you a very strong buzz even for newer smokers. I’d compare the strength to be about the same as Fumari. When I opened the packaging the most distinct smell was apricot with a hint of peach.
I packed this flavor in my Hookah John Alien bowl fluffy to the rim then slightly patted the tobacco down. I used three CocoUrth 22mm cubes in a Kaloud Lotus. Let’s discuss the taste. You’ll notice a somewhat tart apricot in the foreground with a sweet peach in the background. There is a light cooling on the exhale. The flavor is supposed to include a plum according to their flavor description but I can’t detect it as a noticeable flavor. It might be more prevalent to some but I don’t often eat plums or smoke plum flavors so it’s hard to tell. This particular tobacco has average flavor strength, it doesn’t boast heavy flavor like some other blondes. It’s mellow and enjoyable. I’d smoke this by the pool or at the beach. I get large clouds and flavor throughout with this flavor. The clouds have been big and fluffy and lasted anywhere from 50 minutes to one hour 15 minutes with this bowl. The flavor lasts about the same.

I don’t think Zomo’s goal with their blonde leaf is to achieve sessions with extreme length but to cater to the masses that want a one and done bowl. For this reason I think they did well with this flavor. This is something my friends have found enjoyable and it’s easy for it to be appealing.

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