Zomo Swiss Alps

Today I’m going to be talking about Zomo‘s Swiss Alps. Swiss Alps is part of the World Line. If you aren’t familiar with Zomo, they’re a brand that originated in Brazil and expanded to many other regions. Now they’re very well known in the United States and Europe. Swiss Alps is an interesting take on a spearmint flavor. There are aspects that make it unlike a majority of mints on the market.
The World Line uses a blonde leaf tobacco. It is neatly chopped up, moderately juicy, and consistent throughout. The nicotine content is low and won’t give you a very strong buzz, even for newer smokers. If I had to choose a brand to compare it to, I would choose Fumari. When you open the package, the initial smell can be described as spearmint with a hint of sweet cream. There is not a strong menthol hit to the nose with this flavor.
I prepared this flavor in a Hookah John Alien bowl. I packed it fluffy to the rim then lightly patted down the tobacco. It might look a bit compact in the photo because I was trying out the Kaloud Lotus 2, which has a protruding bottom plate and allows for a lower pack. I used 2 Cocodalya cube charcoals. This bowl lasted an hour and a half with thick, fluffy clouds and great flavor for the whole duration.

As I stated before, this is not your standard spearmint flavor. When you take the first couple of hits, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is different. Later in the bowl, I determined that Zomo is mixing in a hint of caramel and vanilla to the blend. They are not noticeable individually but together they elevate the mint by adding a creamy, smooth element. I didn’t think I would enjoy that in a spearmint flavor because I tend to go for more intense, menthol-based mints, but the three flavors go together well. Spearmint flavors often taste very similar and don’t particularly stand out, but the addition of caramel and vanilla makes this mint a distinct choice that will stick in my memory. Overall, this spearmint is sweet, delicate, and well-balanced across the board with a medium-bodied cooling strength.

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