Darkside Virgin Peach

Darkside is a brand that hails from Russia. They’ve been gaining popularity in North America for the past two years. They’re known for their large variety of flavors and strong buzz (depending on the line). This flavor is the medium blend which contains a liquid nicotine additive for additional buzz.
The tobacco is dark in color and moderately juicy. The leaf cut is rather chunky in comparison to brands like Azure and Trifecta. If I had to directly compare the cut to another brand I’d say it’s very close to Starbuzz Vintage. This tobacco is very heat-resistant. With some flavors such as Supernova you can load it with heat and it won’t burn. I’d say that is a good testament of how heat-tolerable it can be. The smell reminds me of peach ring candies more so than a natural peach scent. It has a thick, full-bodied smell, like peach nectar.
Here I prepared it fluffy to the rim then patted it down so it’s level with my spire coupled with a Kaloud Lotus and two Cocodalya Cubes. I did try several bowls using three CocoUrth flats and it smoked great as well. I thought there was a nice balance of flavor and cloud output with two cubes so I opted for that. The flavor was similar to how the tobacco smelled, a peach ring candy. It’s not overbearingly sweet but there is a thickness to it that heavily reminds of drinking the nectar of a fruit. It’s bright in taste as well, something I’d want to smoke on a hot afternoon in the backyard. The cloud output is up there with the best of them and the texture of the clouds is something I enjoy. I find that they’re a bit heavier than some other brands. Overall, this flavor is solid in my book. I also greatly enjoy it in mixes, perhaps more than I do smoking it by itself.

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