Trifecta Dark Blend Lemon Pie

Trifecta is a company that has been around since 2014 and is known for their interesting blends in both their blonde and dark leaf lines. Every time I try a new flavor from them I end up with something spectacular and this flavor proves to continue that trend. Lemon Pie was released in late 2019 and I’m disappointed in myself that I just got around to trying it.
The Trifecta Dark Blend Lemon Pie shisha is black in color and relatively juicy in comparison to some other dark leafs such as Tangiers Noir. I’d place it somewhere on the spectrum between Azure Dark and Tangiers Birquq when it comes to the cut. The texture is somewhat rough which is a common theme among black leaf tobaccos. Their dark line handles heat similarly to their blonde and I find myself having a nice session with medium and high heat alike. I’d say this tobacco is above most blondes but below Azure and Tangiers Noir when it comes to the buzz.
I prepared this in a Stone bowl semi-dense right below the level of the rim. When testing this with the AOT Provost I will opt for two cube coconut coals and with the Kaloud Lotus I found myself preferring three cube coconut coals. With both the Provost and Lotus I was able to net excellent sessions that lasted somewhere between 1 hour and 1.5 hours with a 14g pack. Trifecta aims to emulate a lemon pie with this blend and I will have to say I think they do a great job at doing so. The lemon is not tart as there is little to no acidity in the lemon and it tastes like a sweet lemon candy. However, the lemon is not overwhelming sweet. There is a light amount of cream and graham cracker in the mix as well. On the inhale you get mostly lemon on your taste buds and on the exhale the cream and graham cracker notes meld together with the lemon. The flavor is well-balanced and heavily reminds me of what it feels like to eat pie. Trifecta did a beautiful job with this flavor. If you’re into dessert flavors I’d recommend you to give this a try. It definitely has my thumbs up of approval.

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