Fox Barrel

Fox is a company that is based in Russia. They’re known for their unique wood hookahs and bowls. This bowl is called the Fox Barrel. It’s heavy for its height weighing in at 225g while only being 2.75 in (7 cm) tall. All around you’ll find that the bowl feels very thick and sturdy in construction.
The bowl sports a seven hole design which is similar to other Turkish-style bowls on the Russian market. Currently the Turkish-style bowl is one of the most popular designs in the Russian sphere.

The bowl is made from red clay. I asked Fox myself and they told me these bowls are not casted but handmade on a wheel which I find to be very impressive. To make a bowl with uniform consistency in its look and feel is no small feat. To achieve the brown color, Fox did what is called a milk bath or milk glaze. The bowl is fired once at normal temperature and bathed in milk, then it’s fired again at a lower temperature to lock in the color.
The base of the bowl sports a large opening with a one inch (2.54 cm) diameter. The inside of the bowl is not tapered meaning you’ll need a large ribbed grommet (mod grommet) to get a good seal.
For Trifecta’s blonde leaf, this bowl holds roughly 20g of tobacco with a semi fluff pack to the rim. Note: Overpacks in this bowl will restrict the airflow unless you do the phunnel style method (make a hole in the middle so that the center hole in exposed).
For Trifecta’s dark leaf, this bowl holds roughly 17g of tobacco with a semi fluff pack to the rim.
Although not a perfect fit, your standard sized heat management device (HMD) fits on top of the bowl with all of the vents inside. From my testing this bowl has performed on par to my expectations at about one hour for 10g of tobacco. Since this bowl holds around 20g of tobacco it will usually go for two hours solid. The bowl is short that it can get to adequete temperatures with a bare minimum of 2 coconut cube charcoal. Since it’s so short it can get pretty hot to the touch. Be careful when you go to take it off your hookah!

Overall, I think this bowl is very solid for the price and a bowl I’ve found myself using a lot recently. It ticks off all the boxes for me for what I require in a bowl. I got this bowl from (my local online shop) and they decided to give me a coupon for 10% off this bowl!

If you do find yourself wanting this bowl, you can use the code SLOTHFOX10 for 10% off.

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