Zomo Miami Nights

Zomo is a brand that has South American roots but they’ve made their way into the European and North American scene in recent years. Zomo is known for being a lifestyle tobacco brand that is bright and fun and a lot of their flavors fit perfectly into this aesthetic. The World line represents flavors that aim to remind you of specific locations as evidenced by the names of the flavors and the images on the packaging. Zomo’s Miami Nights is a blend of Mango and Orange.
The tobacco is a blonde leaf with low nicotine content. The leaves are mostly choppy with a few large pieces. You’ll find stems here and there as well which is typical across most hookah tobacco. The leaves are a bit sticky to the touch but you won’t find the tobacco to be overly juicy. The nicotine content is low enough that even newer smokers may get a light buzz if any at all. For frequent hookah smokers you can expect no buzz. I’d compare the strength of the buzz to be similar to Fumari. The tobacco smells of sweet mango and refreshing orange.
I prepared this in my Mason Onyx bowl packed slightly above the lip then patted down lightly. I used two CocoUrth 25mm cubes in a Kaloud Lotus for this particular session though it can handle more heat without burning. When you smoke this flavor it tastes very similar to the smell. The orange is bright and citrusy and the mango is akin to candy. They aimed to replicate a drink and I think they did a good job of this. I’m heavily reminded of drinking nectar juice. The orange is the star of this flavor. It’s somewhat tart while also maintaining a sweet profile due to the mango. I’d also say there is a very slight menthol aspect to the flavor. Nothing that you can feel in your throat but enough to emulate a refreshing drink. The flavor is a bit thick like a juice but it doesn’t leave a syrupy coating in your mouth like some other flavors can. It’s very pleasant and refreshing all around. Like other Zomo flavors, longevity wise you can expect around an hour and a half on this 13-15g pack which I think is adequate. Overall, I’m a fan of this flavor and it’s something I’d smoke with friends at a gathering or perhaps at the beach.

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