Trifecta Dark Natural Order

Trifecta is a hookah tobacco company based in the United States. Trifecta released this Hookah-Shisha exclusive flavor back in 2017(?) and in my opinion, it’s a bit underrated. That isn’t to say Natural Order is my favorite flavor of all time, but if more people knew what it was they would probably be interested in giving it a try.
Natural Order is part of the dark leaf line. The leaf is dark in color, slightly rough in texture, and pretty finely chopped. I’d consider Trifecta’s dark leaf line to be a great entry choice if you’re looking to get into dark leaf tobacco. You get all the benefits of a quality dark leaf without a heavy buzz (like Tangiers/Azure). The buzz is only slightly above average in strength compared to what you’d find in the vast majority of blonde leaf tobaccos. For longevity, you can expect it to last just as long as other Trifecta dark leaf, roughly 1 hour per 10 grams give or take. Natural Order smells citrusy and sweet.
Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes. I packed this tobacco in a HookahJohn 80ft bowl with a light semi dense pack slightly below the rim up to spire level. For this pack I was using the AOT Provost and two CocoUrth Cube charcoals.

The flavor is made up of lime, melon, mint, and a “secret” ingredient which I am told is sage. The star of the show for this flavor is lime. It provides a strong citrus/tart note and it’s very pronounced when you’re smoking it. This flavor is crisp, it’s tart, it’s lime-y, it’s all of the above. The melon is cantaloupe or “sweet melon” as it’s commonly referred to in the hookah space. The melon is soft and sweet. It’s delicate but not overshadowed by the lime. A bit of herbal mint is noticeable and pairs quite nicely with the lime to take back a bit of that tartness and blends together with the sweetness from the melon nicely. Without it I feel the flavor wouldn’t be as well balanced. I did mention there was a bit of sage in there. I’ve personally never had sage-flavored anything so I’m pretty inept to say whether it’s noticeable or accurate.

To be honest I’m not quite a fan of lime or melon flavors all that much but I found this one very tolerable and even pleasant. I feel like that speaks volumes about the potential in this flavor itself. It’s a Hookah-Shisha exclusive as stated in the beginning so if you’re interested in trying this flavor they’ll be your new best friends. Thank you everyone for reading. Hope this was helpful!

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