B2 Reaper

The B2 Reaper is a small table top hookah made by B2. B2 is an US company based in California. At only 11 inches (27.94 cm) tall with the base this pipe is meant to satisfy those who are looking for a pipe they can use on their computer desk, living room coffee table, or as an easy travel pipe.
The stem is made from high quality 6061 aluminum. Each stem is Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) meaning every pipe is made uniformly using a machine. This pipe feels pretty heavy for its size weighing in at 1.75 lb (.793 kg). The aluminum construction is thick and the threadings for the purge and downstem are beefy so I have little to no worries about cross-threading in the future. The machining is smooth all around and there are no sharp edges from poor construction.

I found that the pipe doesn’t turn very much if at all as some other small form factor pipes tend to turn when you bring the hose to far to the left or right of the pipe.
The full diameter of the tray is a roughly 8 in (20.32 cm) while the usable space on any given side is 3 in (7.62 cm). It’s not huge but that is a trade off you make when getting a pipe this small. That being said the tray is adequate enough where you can rest and ash your coals with no worries.
The down stem is large for a pipe this size at .5 in (1.27 cm) in diameter. The draw is smooth and the vast majority of my bowls fit on the bowl port with some grommet changes. The tray rest features a ridge that allows the tray to nicely lock into place. There is no rattling from the tray when hitting the pipe.
The hose port is recessed into the pipe and the available B2 hose fits in snugly. A small gripe I have with the B2 hose is that while it does fit in nicely, if it gets too wet and you move the hose a lot it can fall out. A simple fix I’ve found for this is using a small piece of paper towel and wrapping it around the insertion of the hose. This has worked nicely for me and with the paper towel, I never had this issue.

This pipe can be used with other hoses fitted with a small grommet. If you do want to use a different hose I recommended to use something lightweight with a thin insertion piece as there isn’t much space to fit wide hoses.
The purge features 4 large holes. It purges very easily. The ball always resets back into place when you go to take your next pull. I had another table top pipe a few years back and something that would always annoy me about it was that the ball wouldn’t reset back into place. I had to tap it and then it’d fall back. That isn’t an issue with this pipe.
On the bottom portion of the removable down stem you’ll find 6 holes for the diffuser. As stated the draw is smooth and actually it’s very quiet. There is little to no rumbling when you pull.

Something I’ve noticed across all the small table top pipes I’ve owned is that if you’re someone who takes strong deep pulls there is a chance that a tiny bit of water will end up in the hose over time. It’s not something that really bothers me as I don’t hit it extremely hard but it’s something to watch out for. I wouldn’t call that an issue with this pipe in particular but rather in all table top pipes.
The ports on the bottom for the purge and hose are uniform in size and the down stem screws in easily.
With this pipe, like many other small table tops, you’ll be using mini bases. The stem attaches over the base instead of inside. In the US, the bases that I know will work for this pipe are the El Nefes Crystal bases that B2 sells and the Mya QT or Bambino base if you don’t intend on buying the full B2 Reaper package.
This pipe can be purchased from the B2 website in a couple different configurations. For $129.99 you get the stem and tray (if you intend on pairing it with your own base). For $154.99 you get the hose in addition to the stem and tray and if you spend $184.99 you get the full setup–stem, tray, hose, and base. In my personal opinion the base options that B2 offers are much nicer looking than your standard Mya bases.

Overall I’m a big fan of this pipe. The construction and quality feel very premium. It has the ability to break down to an even smaller form for storage/travel. The draw is smooth and the purge functions well. You can’t really ask for more with something of this form factor. The B2 Reaper is one of the best options at this size with little competition.

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