Zomo Acai Cream

Zomo is a brand that initially started in South America but quickly made its way to North America and Europe. At this point Zomo is a well known lifestyle brand that aims to exude fun and energetic vibes. Surprisingly, I think this flavor strays from their traditional path and is more on the relaxing side. The acai fruit also hails from South America and tastes like berries.
The tobacco is a blonde leaf with low nicotine content. The leaves are mostly choppy with a few large pieces. You’ll find stems here and there which is typical across most hookah tobacco. The leaves are a bit sticky to the touch but you won’t find the tobacco to be overly juicy. The nicotine content is low enough that even newer smokers may get a light buzz if any at all. For frequent hookah smokers you can expect no buzz. I’d compare the strength of the buzz to be similar to Fumari. The tobacco smells like moderately sweet berries.
I prepared this tobacco in my Hazy #111 bowl. I sprinkled in the tobacco and then lightly patted it down. I used two CocoUrth 25mm cubes in a Kaloud Lotus for this particular session though it can handle more heat without burning if you want to achieve a longer bowl. The flavor was very similar to the way the tobacco smelled. To be frank, it does taste exactly like acai berries with a hint of creamy flavor. For those who have never eaten acai berries or acai-flavored foods, it tastes like a mixture of blackberries and raspberries.

Zomo’s Acai Cream is slightly tart like a blackberry and moderately sweet like a raspberry. It has slightly earthy undertones that keep the flavor from being overly sweet. On the tail end you get a note of cream or vanilla. I’m reminded of the few experiences I’ve had eating an acai bowl at one of those overpriced fancy breakfast restaurants. Like other Zomo flavors, you can expect around an hour and a half on this 13-15g pack which I think is adequate. It’s a solid well rounded flavor that is a good pick for those who like berry flavors.

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