Azure Black Cola

What is there to say about Azure? Azure is a company that began in 2017. They quickly rose to fame in the hookah enthusiast community. They mainly focus on two different lines of tobacco, their blonde line and their dark line. Both are high in quality and offer a large catalog of flavors to choose from. For now, we’ll be discussing Azure Cola. A lot of their flavors are available in both blonde and dark but Cola is only available in dark. This is my first Azure review which is surprising because Azure is one of my most frequently smoked brands nowadays.
As an aside, I’d like to add that while the Azure packaging looks sleek in the matte black pouch, these bags have a tendency to rip easily where the zipper is, requiring you to empty the tobacco into another bag or container. Azure Dark looks very similar to most other dark leaf options on the market. It is dark in color, rough in texture, and pretty finely chopped. Azure Dark is not for the faint of heart. The nicotine content is up there with Tangiers levels of buzz. It can definitely pack a punch! For longevity, you can expect it to last roughly one hour per ten grams give or take. This is up to par with my standards. This flavor smells like a combination of butter, sugar, and a hint of vanilla. In other words, it smells like Coca-Cola.
I packed this tobacco in a Bambino V1 with a light semi dense pack slightly below the rim up to about the spire level. For this pack I was using the AOT Provost and two CocoUrth Cube charcoals. From my experience if you’re a Kaloud Lotus user you can easily get away with using three cubes as well. Azure as a brand takes heat very well.

A lot of us drink cola products, most famously Coke, and we know what it’s supposed to taste like but putting it into words is much more difficult. Some characteristics often found in cola products are sweet, bitter, vanilla, buttery, and even citrus. It’s actually impossible to state exactly what cola tastes like because cola tastes like cola and realistically speaking you’d have to try a cola product to really understand. Luckily, most people have. Now that I poorly attempted to describe what cola tastes like let’s move on to the actual flavor.

How does this flavor compare to a drink like your standard cola product? I’d say it holds up quite well. It hits all of the key characteristics I named earlier in one way or another. I’d say this is more a vanilla cola product than a standard one. When I smoke this flavor I feel like I have deja vu. I don’t drink that much soda and I never expected to want to smoke a cola beverage but damn it’s good. Surprisingly I found this flavor to be a very solid mixer as well. I tried it with a cherry flavor and boom – cherry cola! For those that like drinking Coke I believe this can be a pretty big win for you as it was for me.

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