Tangiers Pink Grapefruit

Tangiers Pink Grapefruit has been part of the Noir line for many years now. This flavor isn’t new to the market but it’s pretty new to me. Before now I’ve had it once upon a time and at the time I wasn’t a huge fan of tart flavors at all. Over the years my taste buds have changed and I’ve become more accepting of different types of flavors. I’m happy to say at this time I can’t only tolerate it but I actually find this flavor to be quite enjoyable.
As usual, Tangiers Noir consists of a dark leaf with a choppy cut. The leaf is somewhat juicy.  The tobacco smells like your standard grapefruit, somewhat sweet with a noticeable bitter note. Tangiers is known for its higher nicotine content.
I prepared this in a Hookah John 80ft bowl, packed dense to about the spire level give or take and I used an AOT Provost with 2 CocoUrth Big Cubes. Tangiers loves a dense pack. I tend to smoke Tangiers in a pretty shallow bowl because a little goes a long way. With this pack of 15g, it can easily smoke for 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours~ with great flavor and cloud output. Tangiers Pink Grapefruit emulates exactly what you’d expect from a grapefruit. You get hit with sweet grapefruit and tart notes that are very prominent at the beginning of your session. Towards the middle of your session the tart note slowly fades away and you’re left with just the sweet taste of grapefruit. I’d like to note that this flavor isn’t the most powerful grapefruit flavor I’ve personally tried (Al Fakher Grapefruit) but it’s got more than enough flavor Tangiers as usual with a majority of their fruit flavors did an excellent job replicating what a grapefruit actually tastes like.

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