Conceptic Design Mol Catcher

Conceptic Design is a company based in Russia. They’re known for their stainless steel and carbon fiber hookahs. A while back they also decided to take a crack at making a mol catcher as they’re currently a hot item on the market.
The purpose of a mol catcher is to keep glycerin from going through your bowl and into your stem and base. This mol catcher stands at 2.25 in (5.7~ cm) tall. Up until now I’ve been using the Hoob Mol Catcher and I’ve loved it. How does this one compare to what I’m used to?
This mol catcher breaks down into 5 parts (I didn’t realize that the center chamber can unscrew until after I took this photo). It’s fully constructed of stainless steel and weighs in at 6.24 oz (177g) when it’s put together. The threadings across all the parts with a screw-on portion are thick and sturdy enough where I don’t expect cross-threading in the future.
Some mol catchers are universal meaning that they can be used on nearly any hookah with a grommet. This one however is not. It screws on to the stem and replaces the bowl port that you usually screw on. They market it to fit Conceptic Design hookahs, Mattpear hookahs, and any hookah with a “14×1” screw-on fitting. Exactly which pipes have a 14×1 fitting I can’t really say but it would work if you could figure that out. They also sell an adapter that allows it to fit onto a Wookah. I’ve personally used it on a Conceptic Design hookah along with my Mattpear Classic and can confirm it screws on perfectly with no cross-threading or gaps between the screw-on portion of the mol catcher and the tray. If your hookah doesn’t have the proper fitting this will NOT fit.
The inner top cap covers the holes like an umbrella and pushes to glycerin down to the lower chamber. It also helps stops any pieces of tobacco from getting into the holes.
The tank holds 15 ml of liquid. With my other mol catcher that only holds 5ml of liquid, I find that I can go many bowls back to back without it filling up to the top. The maximum capacity of this one is definitely quite impressive and will go bowl after bowl without filling up. This is great for those of you who like to smoke very juicy tobaccos in Turkish style bowls.

There are 12 holes on the inside of this mol catcher and from my testing, there wasn’t much restriction at all created by using this instead of the regular bowl port by itself. That being said there is a tiny bit of restriction and this is a trade-off of using a mol catcher but honestly like I said, hardly noticeable in most cases.
Pictured is the screw-on of the mol catcher screwed on top of a Mattpear Classic.
When pairing this mol catcher with various bowls and grommets I found that a handful of bowls will fit with one grommet and not another and vice versa on a case to case basis but the majority of them fit with no issue. Mod grommets seem to work best for most of my bowls but for some with thin tapers on the opening of the bowl I will use an Egyptian grommet. My only warning is to make sure you have the proper grommets.
The mol catcher sits fairly stable on top of the screw-on portion however I will say it does feel less secure than I’m happy with. I’m not uncomfortable with using it and it doesn’t move around when I’m actually smoking but it does wobble a bit if you’re not careful when you go to work with your coals. I think if Conceptic Design used slightly thicker o-rings then it would sit more secure on top of the screw-on portion. Another thing I’d like to mention is that it is airtight even with this flaw.

All in all, this device has its pros and cons but it does what it’s supposed to do well which is trap glycerin and tobacco leaves inside of it and keep them outside of your stem and base. The product will last a long time, looks good, and does its main purpose well. The only thing I’d really like to see changed on this device is for the o-rings to be made thicker.

If you’re interested in purchasing this item the then the only vendor I know of that has it is Icon Hookah.

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