Blade Mol Catcher

Blade Hookah is a company based in Moscow, Russia. Their products are made in China and designed in Russia. Don’t let this fool you to believe that this product is of poor quality or cheap in its functionality just because it’s made in China. Blade Hookah is one of the first companies to make this type of accessory. The purpose of a mol catcher is to keep glycerin from going through your bowl and into your stem and base. This mol catcher stands at 2.75 in (6.99 cm) tall.
The Blade Mol Catcher breaks down into three parts for easy cleaning. It’s made of anodized aluminum and comes in many different colors and patterns. It weighs in at 3.63 oz (103g) and has thick and sturdy threadings across all the screw-on portions. I don’t expect cross-threading in the future with this product and all the pieces screw on very smoothly due to the anodization.
The Blade Mol Catcher is universal which means that it can be used on nearly any hookah with a grommet to keep it in place. It fits on all the hookahs I own with ease. The Hoob Mol catcher has been my go-to up until now and while it does fit on all my pipes it didn’t feel as secure on a few such as the Union Sleek. With the Blade it fits very well with no extra stress on my end. The opening on the bottom is a perfect fit across all my current pipes with just a single grommet. With the Hoob, yes they all fit, but I’d need particular grommets or in rare cases a second thin grommet/paper towel to have it fit as tightly as I’d like. With all mol catchers, you’re going to want to use a mod grommet.
The tank holds 8 ml of liquid. This capacity is good for 2-4 bowls (assuming you’re smoking out of a Turkish style bowl). Generally, with a phunnel, you don’t really need to use a mol catcher but I still find bits of coal residue/glycerin in the chamber after use.
The top cap that screws inside of the mol catcher serves as an umbrella to all things coming out of your bowl whether that be glycerin, tobacco, or coal residue. With the Blade, more often than not it was effective at stopping tobacco but rarely I’d find 1-2 pieces make its way into my base. Due to the 4 large holes and a lack of a “shield” to cover those holes, there is an off chance risk of getting glycerin inside your hookah. However, not once was my base discolored by glycerin or tobacco.

Personally, I didn’t notice any restriction across my testings. If you pair this with a modern pipe, in the vast majority of cases you will only notice a slight difference, if any difference at all.
The bowl port on the Blade is a much more traditional style where it’s tapered down. I prefer this design as I don’t find myself swapping out grommets to see what bowls fit with what grommets. If I’m using a Turkish style bowl I know I’m using a mod grommet. If I’m using a phunnel bowl then I’m using an Egyptian grommet. That being said a lot of bowls will fit with just a mod grommet if that’s what you have on hand. Also, all my bowls fit with no concerns about the safety of the bowl itself.

For me, the Blade is a success. The only minor flaw that stands out to me is that the top cap holes aren’t covered in some way but really it never affected me negatively. If you turn a blind eye to that caveat then it’s the best all-arounder for those that don’t want to deal with any hassle but also want to own a mol catcher. I still really like the Hoob Mol Catcher as well but I’ll be swapping in between the Hoob and the Blade now.

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