Eternal Smoke Dolce Banana

Eternal Smoke is a brand that is from Orlando, FL. They began back in 2018 and quickly became a popular choice amongst the enthusiast community. I’ve tried a handful of flavors from the brand at this point and I feel like I have a decent grasp on the brand as a whole. All that being said, let’s talk about banana dulce.
The tobacco tends to be darker in color and has a rather fine cut. It’s not overly juicy but it is quite sticky and you have to break up the tobacco before you begin packing it. The nicotine content is low. Those who don’t smoke very often might feel a light buzz while those who do or smoke dark leaf tobaccos frequently won’t feel any buzz.

For longevity, I’ve found that a session will last around 50 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes when it comes to flavor. The tobacco isn’t burnt out completely at this point even in a smaller bowl but due to the flavor lasting around an hour, this is where I usually call it quits. I tend to use this brand in a smaller bowl that will play nicely with the longevity of the brand while also not wasting any extra tobacco. With this brand, you can expect large white puffy clouds throughout the majority of your session.
For this brand, my go-to bowl is the Alpaca Predator and I pack it fluffy to the rim and then pat it down about 1mm below. I used 2 CocoUrth cubes inside of an Apple On Top Provost.

The flavor consists of two components, banana, and cream. The banana is ripe and sweet but it’s not candy-like. The cream isn’t a strong player at the beginning of the session. While it is noticeable, the banana takes the driver’s seat but as the session goes on the cream becomes more apparent. Eventually, it tends to balance out to about a 50/50 split because the banana begins to mellow out at around halfway through my session. I’d say this flavor does a decent representation of being what they aimed for, a banana pudding flavor.

Eternal Smoke is a solid brand for those who don’t mind the shorter sessions (50 min – 1:15) but for me, I tend to smoke for longer durations. It’s not a brand I frequent but I do like a few of their flavors when I am looking to get a quick session in. If the flavor longevity could be improved I would perhaps end up smoking more Eternal Smoke as a result.

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