Alpaca Suri

Alpaca Bowls is a company based in the US. They’re known for consistently making high-quality bowls that perform well featuring thick clay and high heat retention. The bowl in question today is the Suri. The Suri is a low capacity bowl that is great for sessions where you want to save tobacco but don’t want to compromise on session longevity.
For those familiar with the popular Alpaca Predator bowl, the Suri shares similar dimensions but doesn’t feature a bridge across the spire.

The Suri weighs in at 248g. Keep in mind this can vary about 20g give or take since they’re all handmade.
The Suri is small in diameter and deep which is great for a variety of tobaccos whether they’re blonde or dark leaf tobaccos.
Since they’re all handmade the dimensions tend to vary a bit. The opening of this Suri is wider than I expected it’d be in comparison to my Predator. When paired with a mod grommet I’m able to fit this bowl on all of the pipes in my collection.
Since the Suri has a smaller diameter this bowl isn’t well suited for a Kaloud Lotus. That being said I have used bowls with a similar diameter with a Lotus and it was workable but not ideal. The Apple On Top Provost is the most optimal choice for this bowl because it sits perfectly on top of it.
A fluff pack for my particular bowl is roughly 13g. With a dense pack, I’m getting roughly 18g. Your results will vary, again, because they’re all handmade.

With performance brand tobaccos I am managing to get 2-3 hours with great cloud and flavor output.
Honestly, for the price, it’s very hard to beat the products that Alpaca is putting out. Sure, there are many other solid bowls on the market but from a price to performance standpoint, Alpaca really hits the equilibrium. In my opinion, they make the best bowls on the market for this reason. You’re able to get consistent sessions with various tobaccos at not a high cost. That being said I’m not knocking other brands by any means but it goes to show you don’t NEED to spend a ton of money to get something high quality in your hands.

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