Trifecta Pumpkin Latte

Trifecta is a hookah tobacco company based in the United States. It’s the fall season and typically around this time, I aim to get one pumpkin flavor. This year I chose Trifecta’s Pumpkin Latte. This flavor came out in 2019 and I haven’t heard anyone say much about it so I decided to give it a try, especially since I regard Trifecta as one of my favorite brands.
The tobacco is dark in color since it’s part of the dark line and quite juicy. I’d say this particular batch is a bit juicier than I’m used to. Also, for being Trifecta, there are more stems than usual. It’s not a huge deal but I ended up removing the thick stems or adding them to the bottom of my bowl. Trifecta has a medium choppy cut. Even though this tobacco is stronger in nicotine content than most blondes it’s commonly referred to as the weakest among the black leaf tobaccos that are available in America. This is great for those who aren’t chasing a buzz but want what dark leaf has to offer. The tobacco itself has an aroma of pumpkin but the strongest notes are of coffee.
I prepared this tobacco semi dense 1mm below the rim in a Mason Gravyl bowl. I used an AOT Provost with two Cocourth Cubes. With this set up I managed to get 2 hours before I called it quits. There was great flavor and cloud output throughout. It can go around 2.5-3 hours depending on your ability to heat manage.

When smoking this, you get hints of pumpkin but the pumpkin flavor is not that noticeable. It’s rather mellow and kind of blends in with the sweet note you get from the milky and creamy taste in the coffee. The coffee really drives this flavor. In my opinion the coffee flavor overpowers the pumpkin to a degree that it is pretty difficult to notice the pumpkin throughout the session. There is also an underlying spice note which I attribute to the pumpkin but overall the actual pumpkin flavor is underwhelming. Personally I wanted the pumpkin in this flavor to shine but clearly the main focus is to emulate the real thing–a Pumpkin Latte. I would like more pumpkin taste but I can see why many might like this, especially coffee lovers. It’s simply not my cup of Joe (hehe).

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