Mason Tymber Hose

Mason is a company that has been around since 2016. Ever since the company came into existence they’ve been releasing unique and original products to the market. Initially Mason was known for their Onyx bowl, but in 2017 things changed when Mason released their first hose to the market, the Tymber hose. It was made from a copper tube and had wood accents. Then, in 2018, the Tymber evolved into what we know it as today.
The Tymber hose is comprised of a carbon fiber tube and resin pieces for the mouth tip and handle. The length of the entire hose is roughly 15 in (38 cm) long. The resin portions are all handmade by using blocks of resin on a lathe. Each hose is very lightweight only coming in at 4.9 oz (139g).
The mouth tip should rest on the outside of the lips as opposed to inside the mouth. For those who are used to stainless steel handles that are basically just straight tubes of metal, this can be an awkward transition.
Generally speaking, most of the resin handles are shaped this way. I have to say it’s quite enjoyable to hold. I have large hands and it feels like it was made for my sized hands so perhaps if you have smaller hands it might be a bit more cumbersome to hold (based on my girlfriend’s experience).
The airflow is open, it’s not too wide where it feels extremely airy but I would put it above your average hose (in this case a stainless steel tube hose).
One of my favorite features of this hose is how customizable it can be. The resin pieces can be swapped out with another set if you’re able to get your hands on another. Even the carbon fiber tube comes in a variety of colors. You can really make the hose feel like your own.
The carbon fiber feels durable and high quality. Carbon fiber is known for being a strong and long-lasting material. On top of this, it gives the hose a very sleek look.
In late 2020, the Warhead tip was released. The Warhead tip is a game changer for those like myself who prefer a thinner mouth tip. They come in both silver and black. They’re made of aluminum and weigh in at .91 oz (26g). For reference, the resin tip that came with the set weighs in at 1.02 oz (29g).

The Warhead tip is very tight fitting mouth tip so there is no air leakage when smoking. Realistically if you want to put it on or take it off you need to add some sort of lubrication, like water, to the O-rings or it is quite difficult to put on or take off.
Alright, this probably isn’t the best photo for a summary of the main hose but this one looked neat.

Overall, the Mason Tymber is a high quality hose that checks off a lot of the boxes for most people. It has a solid draw and it’s lightweight, customizable, unique, and good looking. When I use this hose, I’m going to continue to use the Warhead tip because I much prefer the form factor of this mouth tip versus the regular style. Is this hose worth its higher cost compared to most other hoses? Well, for those who want something different the Tymber might be worth it. It really comes down to “do I like this aesthetically?”. It’s a want not a need but it definitely does what a hose is supposed to do and well.

If you wanted to get yourself one of these hoses they’re typically released around once a month on

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