5starhookah Bambino V2

Alpaca bowls is a company based in the US. Generally speaking, Alpaca is known for their high-quality handmade bowls which sport high heat retention and thick clay. The Bambino V2 is a collaboration between 5starhookah and Alpaca. The Bambino V2 was created with shorter sessions in mind.
This bowl weighs in at 226g. The Bambino V2 holds anywhere from 9 – 13g of tobacco depending on your tobacco of choice. It’s rather shallow and has a unique shape compared to their other low-capacity bowls. Due to its shape, it’s a bowl well suited for both blonde and dark leaf tobaccos. It has a very wide spire for airflow. The spire height is high enough so that tobacco doesn’t fall through and low enough that I don’t experience any foil drag. The spire also features notches to help further prevent foil drag.
The bottom portion of the neck has a wide opening similar to the spire. I recommend sticking with mod grommets when using this bowl. With a mod grommet, I’m able to use this bowl with every pipe in my collection.
Trifecta pack: 10g
Tangiers pack: 13g
The diameter of the bowl is wide enough to be paired with a Kaloud Lotus if you so choose. It’s nice that this bowl has the versatility to be used with both the Apple On Top Provost and the Kaloud Lotus.
With most performance brand tobaccos I am managing to get somewhere between an hour 30 to an hour 45 with great cloud and flavor output. With Tangiers, I’m finding myself occasionally hitting the 2-hour mark. Even if my goal is not to smoke for this duration I don’t feel that I’m wasting all that much tobacco while still getting a quality session throughout if I have to cut it short.

This bowl is very impressive. It’s not one I knew I needed before but now that I have it I find myself using it quite frequently. When I need to leave the house soon or if I’m going to bed shortly this is the bowl I pull out for my sessions.

You can pick it up from 5starhookah.com. Don’t forget to use my discount code sloth15 for 15% off your order (doesn’t include items on sale). Thank you all for reading and if you like my content consider following me on my Instagram.

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